I found the following online somewhere while trying to get some color / better output when viewing man pages in the terminal.

export LESS_TERMCAP_mb=$'\E[1;31m'     # begin bold
export LESS_TERMCAP_md=$'\E[1;36m'     # begin blink
export LESS_TERMCAP_me=$'\E[0m'        # reset bold/blink
export LESS_TERMCAP_so=$'\E[01;44;33m' # begin reverse video
export LESS_TERMCAP_se=$'\E[0m'        # reset reverse video
export LESS_TERMCAP_us=$'\E[1;32m'     # begin underline
export LESS_TERMCAP_ue=$'\E[0m'        # reset underline
export GROFF_NO_SGR=1                  # for konsole and gnome-terminal

I’ve saved it to ~/.bash_termcap and added the following to ~/.bashrc :

if [ -f ~/.bash_termcap ]; then
        source ~/.bash_termcap