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Vim Takeover - Bash Edition

I’ve try to share stuff that helps me. The more I learn about Vim, the more I want to share with you here. Whether it was learning to use the home row keys or being able to edit vimrc easily, I’ve tried to share the things that have really paid dividends for my personal productivity.

One of the keys to learning Vim and using it effectively is to build up muscle memory for the common actions. At first, it might seem that your only way to accomplish this task is to just use Vim a lot. That’ll work of course, but wouldn’t it be great if you could get better at using Vim even when you aren’t using it?

As luck would have it, the Bash shell has a “vi” mode. Luckily, Vim is basically vi at its core and since we’ve spent time learning to use the home row keys effectively we’re well on our way to leveling up our keyboard skills.

set -o vi

Add the above to your ~/.bashrc, restart your shell, and experiment with all the new Vim style shortcuts you can now use.

You’re welcome.