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Learning to love h, j, k and l in VIM

As a new VIM user, I’ve learned to tweak my configuration as well as integrate with my other favorite apps like Pry. The next thing I’m trying to master is moving arround efficiently while editing documents. Its really temping to want to use the arrow keys instead of the home row ( h, j, k and l ) to move around. Don’t do that! It may seem to work fine now, but your efficiency will suffer long term once you finally get the hang of more complex motions/key combos.

I had a hard time making this switch, so I decided to disable the arrow keys entirely, forcing me to learn to use VIM the correct way.

For similar results, you can add this to your ~/.vimrc:

noremap <Up>    <Nop>
noremap <Down>  <Nop>
noremap <Left>  <Nop>
noremap <Right> <Nop>