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Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

Don’t you just love when you’re in the shower and a good idea springs into your head, or you solve a tough problem you didn’t even realize you where thinking about? Its amazing and the more I learn about “R-mode” thinking the more I want to learn to encourage it. That’s why I’m rereading Pragmatic Thinking and Learning by The Pragmatic Programmers. It’s a very interesting read. Its awesome, and I recomend it.

This book very well may make you think differently about the way learn new things.

The upside down drawing exercise was especially enlightening, in large part because I can’t draw. I thought I couldn’t draw. But, as it turns out, if I think less I am able to do more.

This book is hard to describe, but has been well worth my time. To say its a “Right Brain vs Left Brain” discussion would sell it way short. Its so much more than that.

I hope that helps you.